#Escape - step 1

The Bike Affair

#Escape step 1

A software professional heading the Products of a software company started a bicycle store, became a bicycle coach helping mould champions while having fun riding bicycles in places he hadnt heard of. A young athletic engineer turned cycling pro, competed in National cycling championships, started studying sports and enjoyed class for the first time. Enjoyed it so much that he is pursuing his PhD as a sports scientist working on bicycle aerodynamics. These are the authors of the book "Escape Velocity" and their paths to #Escape. We (Gokul & Raman) wanted to make it easier for others take up cycling and have a great time riding bicycles. To enable people to #Escape and enjoy cycling we wrote this book.  We will present a few excerpts from the book as a series to give you a sneak peek into the book. We encourage you to #Escape and enable your close ones to do so by reading this book and enjoying cycling.

The first step in this would be to "Buy a bike" - here is an excerpt from the book with 3 of the 5 key steps involved in buying a bike - 

Buying a bike can be daunting due to the wide choices available and our lack of exposure to them. However, the process can be broken down into simple steps to make the purchase process enjoyable and subsequent riding fun.

1. Introspect
Firstly, introspect and decide what you would like to achieve from cycling. Where do you want to go with cycling as a long-term goal? The answer to this question is the single most useful filter to shortlist bikes. It is possible that you are still not sure what you want to get out of cycling. In that case, find an LBS or club from where you can borrow or rent bikes for a fee. Join a few group rides via the store’s cycling network and experience cycling first-hand in your area. Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, you can then decide on the right category of bike.

2. Budget
Next, choose a price range which is ideal for your bike. Consider keeping it within or above the price range mentioned at the end of the “types of bikes” – the next section. It is always a good idea to also budget some money for accessories. It is worth noting that the prices of bikes in India have generally been increasing. In the worst-case scenario, even if you discover you are not doing justice to your bike and want to sell it after a time, you will always get a good price for a quality bike. In the Indian used bike market, demand currently exceeds supply. If you have a limited budget, keep the bike simple and choose bikes with fewer features. These bikes are likely to have better overall quality rather than a multitude of features with poor quality. For example, if you will primarily use your bike for commuting, disc brakes are not necessary. The purpose comes first and then the budget. Just because there is a good deal on a mountain bike, does not mean you should choose it if you will mainly use the bike for commuting. Deals will come and go and remember that their primary target is to tempt you into parting with your money.

3. Choose an LBS
If it is your first bike, it is best to research and find the best bike shop in your city and visit them. Consider the quality of service, distance, and even ‘target group’ or riding community associated with the store before deciding on a LBS. There are good quality bikes available on the internet, but most of these bikes come with a clause that the warranty is void if the bike is not assembled by a qualified technician. The bike is a mechanical device and you will need the support of an LBS to keep it running smoothly. Although price might be the most sensitive and crucial criterion for most people, a good LBS gives a human component to navigating through the clutter of information (online). They can be a reassuring presence, guiding you through the abundance of choice. Find an LBS that you trust. That goes a long way in feeling that you are being given the best service for a fair price.

The book can bought from the store or whatsapp Gokul @9985000701 for shipping a signed copy.