Steadfast Mi Casein

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MiCasein is a protein from Micellar Casein which provides steady and gradual release of amino acids for overnight recovery. Once consumed, MiCasein forms micelles in the stomach which are digested slowly with slow release of amino acids. Micelles are thick gel like structures which enables the digesting enzymes to work on them which gradually release amino acids. MiCasein offers complete amino acid profile which helps in preventing muscle breakdown because of any intense activity which makes it a perfect protein choice from an athlete to a fitness enthusiast.


Casein protein is one of the two proteins that makes up the dairy protein (the other being Whey protein). It is typically known as the 'slow' digesting component of milk protein. When casein is made from milk it entraps calcium and phosphorus in between its micelle structure. Micellar Casein is pure casein protein which have bigger micelle structures which takes longer time to digest in the system.

MiCasein works as a shield against muscle breakdown by providing all the essential amino acids required for muscle recovery. It also contains a non-essential amino acid, proline, which plays an important role of protein synthesis in the body.

The main property of Micasein is formation of micelle structures which delayed the digestion and leads to steady and gradual release of amino acids. These micelles are thick gel like structures which are not dissolved in water and get dispersed in solution. Once consumed, different digesting enzymes starts digesting these micelles by breaking them down in smaller structures which can lead of release of amino acids at the end. This process takes longer and hence leads to steady and gradual release of amino acids for prolong recovery and prevention of muscle breakdown.