Squirt Lube 500 ml.

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Drive train is the lifeline of your bicycle. And the only part that attracts most gunk and grit from the road you're riding on. Made from high quality steel, it's still not corrosion free. If not lubed properly, the gunk and grit and sand can wreck your drive train in no time. To add life, there's a need to keep the bike chain clean. How often to clean a bike chain depends on how frequently you ride and the weather you ride in and other such factors.
Squirt dry lube for bike chain is the top of the line bicycle lubricant product. Squirt Long Lasting Dry Lube is a mixture of waxes and water in emulsion form that protects the drivetrain from gunk, grit and sand, the monsters that eats up your drive train and doesn't let you ride smoothly, reduces friction and improves shifting.