Magicshine Allty 2000 DRL Headlight

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ALLTY 2000 is a versatile front light designed for road and mountain biking. 2000 lumens maximum output and DRL (Daytime Running Light) greatly enhance both active and passive visibility. Built in OLED screen provides real time information on runtime, beam strength and mode.

Magicshine’s 2nd bike headlight with built in DRL (Daytime Running Light). The Allty 2000 is similar to Allty 1000 in its design and functionality, with one additional LED and a battery almost twice the capacity. The DRL is always on when the light is on and this little 55 lumen light can drastically increase your visibility to oncoming traffic during daytime or night. The main light consists of two CREE XM-L2 V60 LEDs, each capable of 1000 lumens max. One of the lens is slightly grated so the spread is slightly wider at 25 degrees.

The Allty 2000 DRL bike light has 4 brightness modes at 10 – 25 – 50 – 100% and one flash mode, applicable to half beam(1xLED) or full beam(2xLEDs.) The battery uses a double cell cartridge that is locked onto the back of the light, easily unlocked with a coin. The cartridges can be exchanged on the fly as needed however the cells themselves are not removable. Runtime under a full charge ranges from 1 hour under full beam, full brightness to 14.5 hours with just the DRL active.

Built in OLED screen on top of the light shows current light mode, intensity as well as remaining runtime. Bike light’s outer shell is built to be highly water resistant at IPX5 including the OLED screen and USB charging port.


  • Maximum 2000 lumens light output
  • Innovative OLED screen
  • Dual beam angle (near and far)
  • Independent daytime running light (DRL)
  • Enhanced two high efficiency CREE LED 
  • General Garmin mount with adjustable straps  
  • Removable  battery pack with 7000mAh super capacity 
  • High quality aluminum alloy housing
  • Waterproof rate to IPX5
  • Mode memory feature