Unived Elite Recovery Mix Box of 8

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Unived's Elite Recovery Mix is a superior formulation that uses the clinically proven 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein, along with key phytonutrients such as KSM-66 & Curcumin, which have substantial clinical evidence to verify their key role in the recovery process.

This is a product used by various World Class Elite Athletes across a wide discipline of endurance sports.


  • Clinically proven 4:1 ratio of Carbohydrates to protein for optimal recovery.
  • Restores muscle glycogen post intense exercise
  • Facilitates muscle fiber repair, lean muscle development, and protein synthesis.
  • Replenishes essential electrolytes lost during sweat.
  • KSM-66 is clinically proven to aid athletic performance and boost recovery.
  • Curcumin reduces inflammation and offsets performance deficits associated with EIMD
  • Key Vitamins C, D, and K2-7 each play their own role in the recovery process.