Looplube Sprint Chain Lube 125ml. (Spray)

399.00 399.00 399.0 INR


Looplube SPRINT is designed to deliver high efficiency for dusty rides in dry weather, both on-road & off-road. Our only lube in both liquid and spray forms, SPRINT has the unique ability to repel dirt, thus not allowing grime buildup on the chain. The chain needs to be lubed once every 150km for best results. Lesser dirt on the chain means lesser cleaning.

Loopwipe cleans the chain with the least amount of effort without the need to use a single drop of water. With SPRINT, you can now clean the chain once in 300km. Do NOT use water after cleaning your chain with loopwipe. All you need is a can of loopwipe, a hard toothbrush, 15 mins to spare, and an open mind to learn, and share!