Steadfast Carborance

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CARBORANCE, the "Carbohydrates" for Endurance, is a long-chain complex carbs, designed especially for endurance athletes who are involved in more than 2 hours of intense activities. CARBORANCE mixes with water to meet your calorie and fluid balance requirement. No matter how preeminent or lengthy your race is, each serving becomes your constant companion that assures to provide your body with gradual energy for high intensity and prolonged activities. Additionally, it is easy to digest and one can get the necessary results after consumption.

While racing, your stomach undergoes traumatic movements. Not all stomachs have the capability to handle the artificially flavoured, sweetened and undigestible molecules profoundly present in many nutrition products in the market. Keeping these hassles of athletes in mind, we have developed CARBORANCE with a simple yet safe approach by adding only what is required during any high intensity, long duration activities.

CARBORANCE is a perfect combination of slow and fast release carbohydrates along with essential electrolytes that are drained out through sweat. The presence of these compounds promise to take you miles ahead without affecting your organs, especially without distressing your stomach. The sustained composition is made to give you energy for prolonged activities as it provides a steady release of energy passing right through the stomach. CARBORANCE matches what the gut is comfortable to absorb and so the ingredients get digested quickly and easily without taxing the digestive tract.