Up The Watt Offering

Our mission at The Bike Affair has been to “Enable customers to have fun on the bike”. Having fun on the bike means different things to different customers and actually to each individual at The Bike Affair as well. For Gokul and a few others it has been about getting fitter and faster on the bike, whether it is completing a century faster, competing in a single day race or a multi day race or showing off on the hills. To such people setting a performance or fitness target and reaching it was fun. Hence we designed “Up the Watt” training service.

Watt as you would know is the unit of power and is the most accurate measure of performance on the bike. Presently we have the following offerings to help you meet your goals. (Goals may be performance based or fitness based)


Here the individual needs are taken into account and a 12 week (or more) training plan is formed at the beginning. In the high level plan the progression and key focus areas are identified for each week and cycle. On a week to week basis the individual trainings are discussed. About 2-3 of the training sessions every week are contact sessions. The offering includes strength training administered by external people as well. We also incorporate running and other cross trainings based on individual needs. Charges are Rs. 13500 for 12 week plan.

Training Plan

In this offering the training plan is prepared and provided at the beginning itself based on individuals strengths/weakness and goals. There is however only 1 contact session for every two weeks. Charges are Rs.3000 for 8 week plan


Training Plan

Personal Plan

Training Duration 8 Weeks 12 Week or more
Training Contact Sessions 1 every two Weeks 2-3/ Week