Saturday Lesire Ride - Newbee Alert :

The Saturday Leisure rides are fun rides to encourage new riders. The distance is generally lesser than 30 km. The focus is less on speed or distance and more on meeting like-minded folks and having a good time together.

Where do we ride ? We don't like going to the same places every week, which means we take different routes and ride to different locations. Ameenpur Lake, KBR Park, Golkonda Fort, Gandipet Lake, Old City are some of the popular places we go riding to.

Route: Is either flat or has minimal climbs.Image

Distance: Around 25-30 km

Pace: Around 15-18 km/h

Difficulty: Low Image

Starts From: TBA, Kondapur @ 5.30-6.00 am (the start time changes based on the season) Image

Sunday Long Ride – The weekly addiction :

This ride is aimed at building endurance. One can also be part of it to explore new places or enjoy a weekly dose of addiction.

Where do we ride ? The route keeps changing though some of the popular roads include Shankarpally Road, Vikharabad Road, Medak Road and Nagpur Highway. At times this ride also gets converted into a 2-day ride where we ride on Saturday, stay back at some place and then ride back on Sunday.

Route: Rolling Image

Distance: 70-120 km

Pace: 20-25 km/hour

Difficulty: Medium Image

Starts From: IIIT junction or TBA, Kondapur. Start time depends on the season.Image

Trail Rides – A dose of Adventure :

Beware, these can be addictive. Its lot of fun going down a hill or ripping through some twisting trail. Additional bonus is the sheer joy of being amidst nature. There is no scheduled day, but generally on weekends.

Where do we ride ? Narsapur Forests, Anathgiri Hills, Pargi Hills

Route: Forest trails Image

Distance: NA

Pace: NA

Difficulty: Medium Image

Starts From: TBA Image

Tuesday Training Ride - The Workout :

The Tuesday Training Rides are designed to make you stronger and faster.

Where do we ride ? We generally ride on Old Mumbai highway or one of the nearby hills ( usually movie towers or Whisper valley) depending on the training drill that day.

Route: Is either flat or has minimal climbs.Image

Distance: Time based. 90 min usually

Pace: NA

Difficulty: Guess ? Hint : Ride is usually led by Sampath :)

Starts From: Alwyn junction or IIIT, @ 5.30 amImage