Running Form Analysis Overview


Running is our species' most natural movement and when done unhindered it is beautiful, fast and safe. Lifestyle, past injuries and prolonged sitting can cause some of the major muscle groups involved in running to become less active, weak or stiff. When we run with these our body adapts leading to inefficiencies, injuries and asymmetries.
In the running form analysis we record the present running style and dig deeper to unearth the underlying causes and suggest a program to make corrections if required. The approach involves the following

1. Runner Information questionnaire - to be filled out before the running analysis
2. Interview - to discuss further in detail the questions - 10 min
3. Static Functional Analysis - 30 min
a. Performed to understand the strength & flexibility of muscles
b. Length, width & height of both feet measured
c. Sole of old running shoes studied to understand foot strike pattern
4. Dynamic Analysis - Done on treadmill - 30 min (expect to run for 15-20 min)
a. Video recording
b. Data (Motion performance indicators) capture based on the motion sensors
5. Analysis of the data and recommendations (done post recording)

One follow up session to analyse progress after 1 month of initial analysis is included.

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Running Form Analyst

Gokul Krishna
Running & Cycling Coach
Association of British Cycling Coaches Certified Coach