The Saddle Library


When we look at a new bike, the conversation always revolves about the frame, wheels  and groupset, and  the modest saddle is hardly ever  part of any discussion.  However, as one starts spending more time on the bike , the importance of the ‘right saddle’  can become annoyingly evident. Numbness around the soft tissues, chafing and pain around the seat bone areas are some of the most common complaint we come across.


So what is the solution?  The solution lies in the shape and width of the saddle. While saddle width is linked to the anatomical structure of our seat bones, the shape is more personal, and largely depends on riding style. So how do you know what’s your kind of saddle?  The only way to know for sure is to try out.


Last month Specialized India asked us if we would be keen about a Saddle Demo Program, and we happily agreed. Thus, the TBA Saddle Library was born. Currently the following saddles are available on rent for short duration ( on prior booking):


Specialized Phenom Comp (available sizes for trial : 143, 155) :

Mens saddle. This is the one you should try if you are a randonneur or a long distance rider. However, this is also one saddle that is known to work with mountain bikes and urban bikes.


Specialized launched Phenom comp as an MTB saddle way back, then realized it works really well for road endurance rider. To the extent that this is now the preferred  saddle for their ‘Specialized Roubaix’ range, Specialized’s new age endurance road bike. Specialized incorporates what they call Adaptive Edge technology for this saddle. Specialized says“ Adaptive Edge technology allows the edge of the saddle to conform to the shape of each rider's anatomy. Adaptive Edge works with the rider from the very first ride—no break-in period necessary. “


Specialized Power Comp  (available sizes for trial : size 143, 155) :

Unisex saddle. Try if you are an aggressive road rider, racer or a triathlete


How often do we find a saddle perfectly comfortable while on the hoods/bar , but exactly opposite while on drops? The Power was designed for riders who want to ride in a low, aggressive and aerodynamic position, while staying comfortable. Ths short nose is an attempt to getaway from the usual  pressure problems around the soft tissues, while in a more aggressive position. This  is also recommended for Amateur triathlete looking to spend quality time on the aerobar.


Specialized Romin Evo Comp  (available sizes for trial: size 143, 155) :

Mens Saddle. Suitable for performance road biking and for riders with lower riding positions. Actually very similar to the Power comp in terms of intended usage pattern, with this one being a more traditional design


Rental charges are as below :


1 saddle, 1 day : Rs 200

1 saddle, 2 days : Rs 300

Upto 3 saddle, 7 days : Rs 600


Please note, correct installation of the saddle is important for its effectiveness. For the same reason, saddles under “demo library” can be swapped only at one of our bike stores. The service charge is included on the rental amount. Upto 2 days of Saddle Rental is adjusted against saddle purchase (if done within 10 days of rental)