Ride Events

The Backwater Trail – A Unique Experience Amidst Wilderness

Exploring new places on bike is always fun.

November 2018

A ride through gods own country


October 2018

The Saddle Library

When we look at a new bike, the conversion always revolves about the frame, wheels and groupset, and the modest saddle is hardly ever part of any discussion. However, as one starts spending more time on the bike , the importance of the ‘right saddle’ can become annoyingly evident. Numbness around the soft tissues, chafing and pain around the seat bone areas are some of the most common complaint we come across. ...

October 2017

The Epic Srilanka Ride

There is hardly a better way to experience a country than seeing it from a bicycle. Srilanka is small but diverse, and that makes bicycling apter. Rivers and lakes, forests and farmlands, hills and valleys will give us company as we soak into the beauty of this tropical country....

September 2017

The Magical Konkan Ride

I was on way to Guhaghar to join the rest of the gang on our maiden 8 days Konkan Ride – Mumbai to Goa. Unlike the regular bus route, we were going to take the old SH4, disconnected at multiple places by creeks and river crossings, but rewarded by views no less than Magical....

July 2017

The Horsley Hills High

Riding from dawn to dusk through the Nallamalla Forest range, up some of the most grueling climb it has to offer, through some heavy rain the area is known for, this is probably not a ride you want to do it for pleasure. But some ride for the PAIN. And once you start appreciating the suffering, you experiance the HIGH. ...

June 2017