Product Review - Lezyne Super GPS

Lezyne GPS Ally App

The need for a cyclo-computer started with my goal to get faster on the bike. I need to be having access to more data like heart rate and cadence while riding. Using activity trackers on the phone was not enough. So, when I heard that one of our supplier, who gives an awesome support with the products has got a GPS enabled cyclo-computer, I was excited (I usually get very excited with all the gadgets :) I quickly went to the product website and started checking the product details and specs. I tried searching for reviews but couldnt find much as it was a relatively new product. Yet, the computer was very impressive and the brand is well-established. I got the order placed.

After the product arrived, the whole set up was very user-friendly and getting comfortable with the buttons and its functions took no time. The device was very easy to configure and the 4 big buttons on the side which do two functions each were very easy to get comfortable. The computer pairs with both Bluetooth and Ant+ sensors and even the pairing process is very straightforward without any hassles. 

I have been using the computer for more than a year now in all the training rides and the tours. I have switched to the Year 10 device (The Enhanced version of Super GPS) of the same unit after 6 months and have been using that since then. Since the time I bought the computer till now, there were several performance updates and enhancements. I will skip all the upgrades and will write about the current experience as it is no point talking about the previous ones.

  • Battery life: The Lezyne has an amazing battery life of more than 20 hours. I have used it in couple of 200 BRMs and multi-day tours and the battery life was never an issue. Infact, after the 200 BRM, there was still some 35-40% life left. Other good thing is that, the device wont turn off when you put it for charge. So, you can keep it on charge on really long rides during the breaks and still can end with saving as one complete ride and not pieces.
  • Screen display: The Lezyne Super GPS comes with a screen big enough to comfortably show all the fields that I required for training rides. The screens can also be toggled easily either left or right. There is a light function which you can either turn on or off manually. The data is clearly visible even in the broad daylight. There is also an option to add different data display for different bikes, but I personally found using only one format for all my rides(Commutes, Training rides, Tours, Races) was adequate.
  • Connectivity: The GPS connects to a wide range of sensors due to its Ant+ and Bluetooth compatibility. The computer can be connected to the smartphone(Android/iOS) with Lezyne GPS Ally app and the rides can be uploaded wirelessly. An account has to be created in Lezyne to which all the rides will be saved. Strava account can be paired to the Lezyne account and the rides can be synced directly to Strava. Sometimes, there were issues syncing to Strava, but some manual work to make it sync works. The rides will also get auto-synced if the phone is kept connected with the computer. After the ride ends, it goes to sync-mode if the auto-sync is enabled. Apart from that, the GPS can be connected to a PC with the USB cable provided with the unit, with which the rides can be accessed in the folder format and can be directly uploaded to Strava or Training Peaks. The computer also displays the notifications from phone like Calls, Messages, Mails, Whatsapp messages. The GPS is also compatible with power meters and has lots of field to offer related to power, which I couldn't utilize due to unavailability of power meter.
  • Navigation: The device cant save the maps in its memory but it is possible to send the directions from the phone's app to the computer. You can either select a destination in the phone's app or build a route online in the website and load it to the computer through phone. Searching the destination in the phone was not easy but the route builder was helpful. The roads are not displayed on the computer's screen. It shows when to take a left or right. It warns when we take a off-route but there was times when it gave wrong warnings. It also reroutes if it detects a different direction taken. The navigation uses OSM (open street maps) and comes with maps preloaded, so we dont have to download and load a region or countries map while travelling. However while searching for locations many places may not be in OSM, so we end up having to pin point location in the GPS Ally app.
  • GPS Signal: The GPS signal usually catches within a minute and occasionally takes around 5-10 mins. where the signals are low, maybe. But, what works out best for me is to turn on the computer around a minute before I am about to start and all my ride gets recorded from the start of the pedal stroke. Few times, when I ride through tunnels, I observe the speed dropping to 0 or very low for a second or two. But, the signal instantly gets back and there were no issues due to this in the data analysis. In most of the rides, the elevation data doesn't get captured and goes way off. Hope this would be rectified in the future updates.
  • Hardware: The build quality feels very strong and the computer has survived drops without a scratch. The unit is very light which is very essential to not unnecessarily add weight to the precious bike :). The mounting system is actually better than many of its competitors like Garmin and Cateye. Unlike simple turn, the computer has to be pushed in the mount and then turned. It never came out accidentally and the mount remained very sturdy till date. The device is waterproof and has sustained heavy rains in lot of rides.
  • Functions: The computer has lots of useful functions like Auto-Pause, Auto-Scroll(Which I don't use), Auto-Lap and Lap functions. The Lap function was really helpful in all the interval training rides. It is also possible to set the data fields for that particular Lap. After the Lap ends, a small dialog box appears for around 10 seconds showing the summary of that particular Lap to quickly analyze. The past rides can be accessed from the device itself in which it shows the summary of the ride statistics. Alerts can also be set for min. and max. Cadence/Heart Rate. This function was helpful when doing the rides in which it is required to ride in a specific zone. The computer also gives the data like Gradient, Ascent, Descent and Temperature. There is also Live Segments feature for Strava Premium users which I didnt get to try personally.

Pros: Battey life is easily something which sets the Super GPS apart from lot of other computers, Customizable display are helpful for me to set the data fields that I need to keep all the data I need on one screen, Lap functions were really helpful during the interval training rides, Build quality is very good. The unit feels very stong and is very well designed.
Cons: Missing elevation profile in some of the rides. Searching for locations in navigation can improve.

Verdict: It is an excellent computer that satisfies all the essentials required. It has most of the functions of Garmin Edge 520 but the Edge 520 is a smarter computer at a higher price and is not really comparable.

Price: Rs.13,500 (Unit)

- Reviewed by Sampath Vallurupalli, he rides a Merida Reacto 400, Merida Scultura 100. He enjoys riding fast and has represented Telangana State in the National Road Championships