Announcing the Launch of Chapter 2 Bikes

The Bike Affair

Chapter 2 is a boutique brand that makes carbon road framesets only. Coming with a rich heritage, they are a highly focused brand. Michael Pryde, the founder of Chapter 2, is a former top MTB racer in the world. With Chapter 2, we get the same quality of bikes that top professionals use. Each Chapter 2 bike is unique, as the rider can build the bike around the frame with their choice of components. 

And we are launching these bikes in India.  

They have three models (all available in rim & disc brake options). Keeping in line with their New Zealand origins, the bike models are words from the Māori language spoken by the Māori people, the indigenous population of New Zealand. 

TERE: "be quick, swift & fast" in Māori

TERE is a compact-aero frame designed to perform and look like a traditional road frame. However, each & every tube profile and the transition has been aerodynamically optimized via collaboration with Auckland University Wind Tunnel, the same facilities where Team New Zealand tests their America's Cup Technology. 

RERE - "to flow" in Māori

RERE is a full-aero frame designed to cheat the wind. With Michael's experience in designing a number of aerodynamic road & time trial/ triathlon rigs, the RERE is the cumination of knowledge & experience in this very specific genre of bikes. Drag (air resistance) is the one thing that all cyclists battle against and the RERE has been designed to slice through the air with aerodynamic profiles applied to all exposed surfaces and rigorously tested in Auckland University Wind Tunnel across a wide range of yaw on both drive & non-drive sides. 

HURU - "feather" or "rising" in Māori

The name defined the intended purpose of the bike - lightness for those who love to climb  but designed with a healthy dose of agility to let you rise above the competition. Weight, or lack thereof, has been the holy grail of bicycle design since the beginning, with the often misguided belief that fewer grams alone will make a frame perform better. Low weight is only one of the complex ingredients in the art of frame design. Without careful consideration for a balanced geometry & stiffness, even the lightest bike can turn a beautiful climb into an anti-climactic experience.

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