HCCC 2013/5 - Team Time Trial


HCCC 2013/5 - Team Time Trial

Its the almost the end of August and the  2013/5 Time Trial is not far away. The race is on the medchal road with approximate distance  around 25km. So if you haven't got a team yet, pull in a couple of your riding buddies, form a team and sign up for the race.

Here is the point standings for the road category till today for the road season(ending in Dec 2013) 

Like  the July 2013 mass start race, we are going to have 2 categories for this race as well. - Road and GLNDY( Got Legs No Drops Yet).  There is going to be separate podiums  for both categories!

REGISTRATION ( mandatory) : HCCC 2013/5 Team Time Trial Registration
When : 04 Aug 2013
Reporting Time : 6 am
Reporting point : Narsingi Circle (refer map below)
Route map - http://goo.gl/maps/zYlyr (2 loops of the route in map)
Distance : 20 km
Registration fee : Rs 150

This race is the 5th race of 2013 race calender. Riders will receive points for each of the 9 races in this calender year. The grand winner of the season will be declared at the end of Dec 2013 race. There is going to be separate winner for Road and Mountain Categories.
HCCC 2013/5  is a Team Time Trial. Riders need to be part of a team to participate in this. Min team size is 2, max is 6.
The clock stops only when  the third rider of the team crosses the line. In other words, a team's time  will be the time taken by the 3rd rider of each team crossing the line.
All participants will be required to sign an indemnity bond before start of the race.
Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent (who will have to sign the indemnity bond and take all responsibility of the participant)
Helmets  are mandatory. 
There are going to be 2 categories - Road and GLNDY( Got legs, No Drops Yet). For a team to fit into GLNDY category , none of their riders should be riding a Road bike/Time Trial Bike/Drop bar bike.