Bicycles are a great tool to build great experiences. Whatever be your tastes, there is a kind of bicycle to satiate it.


If speed is what thrills you, this is what you should be looking at. These are lightweight machines, suitable for road racing or endurance riding


If you are looking at cycles as your first step to fitness, this could be your first bike. These are ideal for a leisurely ride with your buddies or for commuting to your work place


These are off road bikes meant for trails. They let you explore terrains that are rough, where your other bikes are not best suited for. The thicker tires, wider handlebars and suspension gives you more control on trail .


If unadultered bicycling is what you seek, then these are the bicycles you need. The simplicity of a single speed makes it less worries while riding or maintaining.


Bikes designed for self contained cycling trips , generally for multiple days, for pleasure or adventure. They are rugged and can take racks and mudgaurds.


Rides like any other bike when you are out riding. Folds like nothing else when you want to get onto a bus , or want to stow away under your work desk

Our Free Service Promise

When you buy a bike from TBA, you get three services – 2 Tune up, 1 General Service – worth Rs.2400 free of charge. The services are valid till 6 months from the date of purchase, so ensure you use them before they expire.

  • Your first tune up is very essential. It must be done within 100-150 km, or the first month, whichever is earlier.
  • The subsequent services can be done whenever you feel the need. There are a few indications, which could help you gauge the right time - loose brakes, slightly harder gear shifting, filthy drive trains and out of true wheels. However, it’s a good idea to get the bike to us for a quick check up once in 1- 2 months at least, depending on your usage.

Do call us and schedule an appointment before you come down for any of these services.